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A daughter, wife, mother, career woman and care giver for an extended family; these are multiple roles that most of us have juggled running life's marathon, while also waiting for an opportune time when we could be our own unique self.

Flash forward to the present day, with key focus on gender equality. Some lives have been transformed with less weightage on gender defined roles, and less pressure to follow cultural and traditional implications and some have not.

Looking at this blend of traditionalist and seemingly modern outlook to women's lives, we found ourselves peering at a kaleidoscope of women from different walks of life, lifestyles, careers, race, physical abilities and generations, bound by the similarity of a deep desire to make choices about who they are and what they want to be; and we wondered what stopped them from just doing that?

Armed with our research tool VoiceNOW™, we set out to talk to several women. It threw up with astonishing clarity what we had suspected all along. Women were constantly battling three fronts: herself, her home, and her workplace. We found her often doubting her capability in meeting career demands or navigating social expectations basis her gender, while dealing with a set of conflicting, sometimes intense, emotions within herself.

Each woman we met was one of a kind, and her needs were unique. That was when LeadNOW was born.

LeadNOW is propelled by the founding team's vision to enhance the ability of women to pursue and accomplish their life choices, help them focus on their overall well-being and provide them with an environment where they can feel safe, trusted and are able to connect with a non-judgmental and accepting community, while providing solutions and perspectives on their various needs.

We asked ourselves

Could we create a platform through which we connect her to similar others? Could we make her comfortable about being unique? Could we create forums for her to meet others and ask questions without the fear of being judged? Could we encourage her to take on the next challenge at the workplace without worrying about how it will affect her personal choices?

What we offer

Some answers are easy to find, while some others follow serendipitous paths.

LeadNOW offers you, the individual woman, a platform that acts as a force multiplier, by helping you find answers via research-driven articles, videos, podcasts, closed communities along with access to coaches and counsellors. You can meet similar-minded women through our well-designed events and gender dialogue forums.

LeadNOW offers you, the enterprise, a combination of offline collaborative programmes and online learning platform that provides target solutions, reach and cost arbitrage for your D&I objectives.

You could be a coach registered with us, or a woman entrepreneur who has unique offerings to help other women solve their needs.

Meet the Team

Dr. Sujitha Karnad
Jacintha Jayachandran
Surabhi Rajeev Parvatikar
Ipsita Basu
Shalini Anbu
Inchara Shivaraam

Advisory board

Geetha Kannan
Dr. Pallab Bandyopadhya
Dr. Shantha Mohan
India Gary Martin
Shreya Krishnan

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