How LeadNOW can help women, Start, Stay and Soar in their careers

Get a targeted, cohesive set of offerings for working women across a spectrum of career experiences at LeadNOW

By: Surabhi Parvatikar

LeadNOW is a research-based, content-driven and tech-enabled services firm that focuses on enterprise women to Start, Stay and Soar in their careers.

How do you START?

Enterprises can capitalise on LeadNOW's kick-starter programs that span across women in three distinct career stages: fresh off the campus, young professionals and re-starters through our comprehensive suite of initiatives.

  • STRIDE: Campus to corporate transition: This is a one-day program that equips young women to seamlessly transition from campus to corporate
  • CAP: Career Awareness program: A half-day program that helps women with 2 – 7 years’ experience get career perspective for the long haul, and build in ways that help her manage the disruptions typical in women’s careers
  • UP3 RestartNOW program: Specially curated for women returning from a break, this program prepares women confidently tackle and succeed in their careers once they return from a break. The program format can be managed in 1, 2, and 4 weeks segments, or across five half-day programs each week
All these programs are run across methodologies including ILT, theatre, storytelling, group discussion, game-based learning and activities.

How do you STAY?

Work-life balance is a euphemism. SHE™ Smart is the pyramid of needs for women and is based on LeadNOW’s SHE™ model. The needs and priorities of women were captured and highlighted by LeadNOW’s VoiceNOW™ survey results. It spread across the tenets of ‘BE’:
  • BE Healthy: Nutrition, sleep, fitness, balance
  • BE Safe: Physical, financial, emotional
  • BE Connected: Community, cause
  • BE Confident: Confidence, identity
  • BE You: YOU
Each intervention program, be it workshop, webinar or event, has been structured to fundamentally strengthen these core needs of women.

How do you SOAR?

Enterprises can address their leadership pipeline requirements by taking advantage of LeadNOW’s Soar programs that cater to hi-pots between 10+ and 18+ years of experience.  An all-inclusive set of services that help enterprises identify and accelerate high performing, high potential women and enlarge its women leadership objectives across multiple career stages.

The programs include:
  • Women Leadership Labs (WLL): A 2-days offsite format that builds a cohort of women with 14+ years of experience take on higher leadership roles
  • We-LEAD: Aimed at high-potential women in mid-level leadership roles, this six-month phygital intervention program identifies the enterprises’ highly engaged women employees to groom for future leadership roles, with 12+ years of work experience
  • We-Rise: A one-year program which is directed at women aspiring for the C-suite where women leaders are empowered to take on business roles and board positions
All these programs are run across methodologies including ILT, theatre, storytelling, group discussion, game-based learning, & activities.
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