How to take a chance, take charge and take on leadership positions

In today's VUCA world, Women Leadership Labs (WLL) provides a foundation for women to take on the mantle of leadership by creating a framework to become self-aware and influential

By: Surabhi Parvatikar

What do the participants get from WLL?

The participants will get an opportunity to engage with women from diverse backgrounds and interact with industry veterans. Every aspect of the WLL introduces the delegate to a variety of learning methodologies, unique experiences, and perspectives.
WLL is designed to create a mind shift to leading with purpose and authenticity and to fashion the next generation of women leaders.

  • Who you will interact with: Industry veterans, leaders, experienced coaches and facilitators
  • Who should attend: Experienced go-getters with 10 - 16 years of experience
  • Key learning: Working with, and through self, for greater awareness; Leveraging the ecosystem for personal and professional success
  • Key outcomes: Enhanced self-awareness in a cohort of peers; Leverage and influence intra-, inter- and global business environments
The WLL is designed to be a two-day offsite immersive program.
Some of the notable topics covered over the last two very successful WLL programs have included:
  • Visioning and processing feedback
  • Mindfulness
  • Converting feedback to positive outcomes
  • Attitude of gratitude
  • Women leaders in the workplace
  • Creating a brand for yourself
  • Leveraging social media for building your brand
  • Power of networking
The WLL also includes one activity-based interaction and a panel discussion with industry veterans.

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