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Spend time on YOURSELF. And here's why that is so important

Living full is a choice that women need to make everyday. From our research, we have identified 12 building blocks for a woman.

The SMART BALANCE PLEDGE, built around the SMART BALANCE PYRAMID and our SHE SMART model, identifies 5 levels in a woman's life. 

Level 1 is about survival, a woman’s ability to survive will depend on her her physical and mental wellbeing.

Her survival needs an ability to be unapologetic about taking care of her own needs for nutrition, sleep, finding balance and physical fitness. A woman’s body is subjected to changes every month - leading to a sense of imbalance. Unless she develops the habit of self care and self preservation, her survival as a fully competent and happy human being is at stake.

Level 2 is about taking care of the basic needs of any woman. Physical, financial and emotional safety.

Even today women continue to struggle with issues of physical safety  at home, workplaces and public places. Where is the question of living with dignity? Her financial needs are inalienable right. Yet, she does not get paid or gets paid lower wages, that what she deserves for same work. Emotional safety requires the ability to seek support and help in times of crisis and struggle. Access to these empower women to live with dignity.

Level 3 is about giving and enabling her to give and contribute seamlessly and comfortably.

A woman is the primary care giver and the eternal nurturer. Research indicates that she has an enormous need to give to others. The idea of a community where she can give and receive and causes with which she can be associated in her own ways are significant for her sense of achievement and self worth.

Level 4 is about growth and building self esteem

A woman’s full potential can be harnessed when her needs to survive, live and grow are met optimally.This is our premise today. We continue each year to validate this premise. Her self confidence and personal and professional identity takes both time and effort to build, but beyond that, it actually takes a mindshift for her to believe that she can and she should have a strond individual identity of her own. She is not just someon’e someone, but she is someone in her own right without the validations of relationships, achievements and affirmations from outside. This is about how she relates with herself.

Level 5 is really about a woman living to her full potential, unafraid of consequences of success and failure.

She is a woman who leads herself with pride and seeks to impact the wider world. The woman who is in full bloom and is outstanding, masterful in every situation and universally confident. When she gets here, she will be unafraid of consequences of success and failure. Investing her time and energy in the four levels will help her lead with pride and impact the world around her.

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