6 important things to look for in a beauty parlour

Say no to beauty parlours that do not follow hygienic procedures, says Dermatologist Neelima Sharma

By: Geethalakshmi R

Gone are the days when beauty parlours were a luxury and used by women only for occasions like weddings. Nowadays it has become a necessity and beauty salons/parlours are found everywhere.. With more number of women relying on these services for their beauty routines, there is a high risk of transmission of infection through equipment and products used on them.

How many of us check the cleanliness of the equipment and quality of the beauty care products used on us. Dermatologist Dr Neelima says it is mandatory for all parlours or salons, be it small or big, low cost or premium, to follow certain hygiene procedures for the safety of its customers. If they don’t one should refuse their services keeping in mind the health risks. Many bacterial, fungal and viral infections like HIV and hepatitis, can be transmitted through the use of infected instruments.

Dr Neelima lists out six important things that you need to check every time you step into a beauty salon:

Cleanliness of the salon
The first and foremost is to look around to see if the parlour is clean and tidy. Check if the chairs you are seated on for treatment are clean. Ensure the treatment table is covered with a fresh, clean towel or a sheet of fresh disposable paper.

Are the equipment effectively sterilised
Ask your beautician if the used tools are sterilised and what disinfectant procedures are adopted to do it effectively. Tools that come into contact with multiple clients such as combs, brushes, rollers, clippers and nail tools should be repeatedly cleaned between usage and be kept in a clean and dry condition when they are not required.

Hand wash is important 
Ask the beautician to wash his or her hands before starting any procedure. Also ensure that he or she wears a clean apron and a fresh pair of single-use disposable gloves before starting any procedure.
Capes and gowns used for the protection of the client need not be cleaned between each use, unless visibly soiled. However, ensure that clean neck towels or single use neck towels are used for the treatment.

Insist on patch test:  
Prevention is better than cure. So before starting any procedure, insist on a patch test as it is the only way to know for sure if you’ll react badly to a product. It is important to get it done even if you have not had any problems with it in the past.

Check expiry date on products:
Ensure that the beautician checks the expiry date on the products before using it on you. Do not use an expired product even if it looks, smells and feels good as it could lead to skin problems such as pimples and rashes.

Use disposable items
 It is advisable to use disposable products like wax strips, orange sticks and emery boards for manicures and disposable mascara wands. Disposable razors are recommended for shaving. Ensure that these disposable items are thrown away immediately after use. No double-dipping in the wax pot.

Caution not to cut cuticles: During pedicure/manicure avoid cutting your cuticles. When this protective barrier gets cut or removed, it’s easy for bacteria and fungus to enter. Pushing back the cuticle can also damage it, increasing the risk of infection.

Dr Neelima Sharma and Namrata Sharma founded Anutham, a medically validated beauty and grooming training service provider, in Bengaluru. Anutham conducts health and safety workshops to train salon and wellness centres.

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