Fitness Apps, that come recommended from women who are just like you and me

Almost everything today comes with an app. So why not fitness too, asks Ruth Dsouza Prabhu

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    Staying fit is a beast we are all trying hard to tame. Some of us have got there and a few others are finding our way to success. Apps have come in handy in this battle. They are easy to access on the go and don’t need a specialist to handle them. Here are 5 fitness apps that come highly recommended by 5 professionals with hectic schedules and a strong penchant for fitness.

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    The Samsung Health App

    Recommended by: 
    Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal, Food Consultant and owner of A Perfect Bite Consulting, Mumbai

    In the business of food, an important goal for Rushina, despite her hectic schedules is to keep fit. A fitness app that has really helped her, is the in-built fitness app on her Samsung phone. “It came with my phone so it was convenient. But I like how it works. It tracks my step count and maintains a track record. Also I can keep an eye on my sugar level readings which helps me plan my fitness regimen”.

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    Recommended by: Deepika Gumaste, Writer, Mumbai

    Deepika was recently diagnosed with clinical depression and began looking to start meditation practice to deal with her anxiety and depression. “Headspace taught me how to actually not expect anything out of meditation, of how it was more about witnessing our inner chatter, rather than controlling it. It has guided sessions for walking and running, which takes listeners through certain techniques and motivational speak. The app has different ‘session packs’ for different challenges, people face when they struggle with mental health- whether it is feelings of low self-esteem, managing conflicts, insomnia, low self-worth, relationship problems. It has guided talks for varying durations. It doesn't demand any particular aesthetics and users just have to follow instructions. It can be used anywhere, anytime”, explains Gumaste.

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    Recommended by: Samarpita Mukherjee Sharma, Freelance manuscript editor, content creator and travel writer, Bhopal

    Samarpita says, “Last January, I got a Fitbit and have been using it ever since. It tells me about my sleep pattern, it has urged me to climb staircases and add up on the footstep counts. I love numbers and data, and watching the updates on the Fitbit app really amplifies my will and determination to walk my 10k steps and do some more if possible. Watching the data has given me a push I never thought possible. They give a rush, and when I check at the end of the day, it motivates me to not break the chain and get going the next day”.

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    Google Fit

    Recommended by: Sakshi Khurana, Assistant Manager, Wipro Limited, Bangalore

    A running enthusiast, Google Fit is Sakshi’s go to app for fitness, “I use it to keep a track of my daily exercise regimen because of its simple and user-friendly interface. Rather than focusing on calories, it focuses on your movement time and heart points. It follows the regulations laid down by American Heart Association and World Health Organization. It also maintains a journal of your daily activity, along with the weekly and monthly data for you to compare and measure your progress. It has a lot of workout options to choose from. You can track running, walking, aerobics, yoga, brisk walking, climbing stairs and more”, Khurana elaborates.

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    Loose Belly Fat

    Recommended by:Tania Banerjee, Freelance writer, Mumbai

    “I treat this app as my fitness trainer,” says Tania. “I stringently follow the fitness schedule suggested to me by the app. Initially I used to go to the gym and run on the treadmill. However, there is no trainer here. This app is like my trainer now. It guides me, it caters according to my requirements. I have chosen the 'Beginner' course. It comes with a 30-day schedule. Hardly 10 days into it and I could feel the difference it was making. I am finally happy I am working towards my goal of fitting into my old jeans again”, says Mukherjee

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