Here's how you can have a productive day

Sometimes a simple daily ritual can ensure that you are off to a brilliant start to the day and are more productive. 7 women leaders share their rituals with you

By: Ruth Dsouza Prabhu
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    Sometimes being a creature of habit really works well. You know for sure what works and what doesn’t and you stick with it. As a working woman you are, for sure, constantly on the lookout for ways to increase your productivity. Here tips from businesswomen who have their rituals nailed.

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    Nirupa Shankar
    Executive Director, Brigade Enterprises Ltd

    I make sure I start my day with a 30-minute jog in a park close by and have been doing this for a year now. I find running very relaxing. It helps me think and find clarity. I also like being amidst nature first thing in the morning and It has been scientifically been proven that nature rejuvenates the human mind. I also like 7 am sunlight for Vitamin D absorption. This practice was more of self-discovery after trying it a few times. I found that I eat better and am in a better mood after a morning run.

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    Dr. Namita Jain
    Wellness Expert & Managing Director Kishco Limited
    I like to spend some time doing pranayama and meditation in the mornings. I enjoy the feeling of peace and harmony as a result of practice. I have been doing this for the past decade. There are 3 essentials of the practice – to relax the body, focus on motionless state and to enjoy feeling of stillness and peace. This is a practice I learnt from the meditation programmes (Yogoda Satsanga Society) that I attended and am deeply inspired to follow guidelines of the path prescribed.  I have found that this has increased my productivity on a daily basis.

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    Hemamalini Maiya
    Managing Partner, Mavalli Tiffin Rooms (MTR Restaurants)

    To ensure that I have a good productive day, I need a good night’s sleep the night before. There are days when I get up all groggy because I wouldn't have slept too well. I know I'm not mentally sharp or alert on those days. I also never miss my workouts in the evening. That does play a part in me having more energy the day after. With 7 hours of good quality sleep and exercise for 1.5 hours, 4 days a week, I find myself more productive each day.

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    Shubhra Chadda
    Co-founder at Chumbak
    I feel yoga helps me be energetic at work while also making healthier decisions with my food as well.  Yoga prepares me to be mindful and honestly quite efficient. One of the things that yoga does is help manage stressful situations. We’re always faced with situations that might be difficult, but yoga helps me approach things with a clear open mind. I have been doing this daily for the last 10 years and train with an instructor.

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    Bani Anand
    Founder and Managing Director – Hairline International Hair and Skin Clinic

    The one daily morning ritual I indulge in is a cup of hot tea as soon as I get up. I know it’s a more of indulgence but it is something which energizes me and keeps me ticking. I follow it up with a few cups of green tea through the day. I have been having my morning cuppa for the last 15 years or so. It’s a practice which I saw my mom, an accomplished entrepreneur, indulge in and thought of trying out as well. I felt refreshed and energetic so continued with it 

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    Gayathri Ramamurthy
    Senior Director, India Diversity and Inclusion Lead, Capgemini Technology Services

    I was always and early riser and as a child would watch my grandmother (a college professor) do her reading and class prep in the morning. Over a period of time, I have learnt the process of reflection. I find early morning the best to just reflect. As the day gets busy, I make multiple decisions on the go. When we believe in something very passionately, sometimes we don’t invest enough time in reflecting and planning on how to drive the change in the system. As a result of this, I have had to deal with failure as an aftermath.
    To ensure that certain decisions are inclusive and impact all stakeholders in a positive manner, I sometimes hold on to take a call. I use my ‘quiet time’ in the morning, to take a final call, before I communicate the same. This is true, especially during the various change management initiatives that I have led at work.

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    Varsha Verma,
    Assistant Vice President, Infosys Limited
    Two years back, I discovered the joy of being close to nature. I water the plants in my garden every morning. I find the ritual very refreshing. Even that small window of being around nature and watching the plants grow with nourishment gives me a sense of calm and peace. It helps me normalise and handle stress throughout the day.

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