The She Smart Balance and 12 steps to a better you in 2019

The LeadNOW Santa brings you Smart Balance. Our 12 gifts that will unleash your UNLIMITED POTENTIAL in 2019


Through our interactions with varied women, we at LeadNOW concluded that there is a 12-step process for her to rise to her potential.
Based on our research we arrived at the following 12 steps that constitute the LeadNOW SMART BALANCE pyramid.
Modeled on Maslow's hierarchy of needs this will tell you exactly, how you can be a better version of yourself.
Be Healthy: Take care of yourself by sleeping, eating better, exercising and finding the sweet spot called balance or harmony.
Be Safe: We recognize the need for physical safety, emotional safety and financial safety as key elements in ensuring that the women are safe and resilient.
Be Connected: Connect with others who could be in the same life or career stage and share “peer wisdom. It’s powerful and it works.
Be Confident: Women, rise up the pyramid by being conscious and in control of your health. Create safety nets and valves. Value yourselves by contributing and connecting with others.
Be You: If you’ve traversed through this path and recognize your capabilities, you are NOW ready to live to your true potential. This is where your path to personal and professional leadership actually begins.
Get in touch with LEADNow to know more about the SMART BALANCE pyramid. We will tell you through our research, assessments and scientific methods to discovering yourself.
Merry Christmas from LeadNOW!

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